Case Study

A signal boost

Improving intranet access for the Australian Communications and Media Authority
Full stack development
Content writing
Experience design (UX/UI)
User research
Service mapping
Content audit and migration
Microsoft SharePoint
01.The problem


Day-in, day-out, the folks at the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) access an intranet for resources like licensing agreements all the way leave forms.

However, their intranet was quickly losing reception. The ACMA needed to transform it's intranet into a digital workspace that would provide greater connectivity across the organisation and a more streamlined approach to finding information.

The ACMA called on Hide and Seek as consultants to modernise their intranet and create a first-class digital workspace experience.

02.The engagement

Clearing the air

Responsible for the end-to-end delivery of this project, we followed the Digital Transformation Agency’s Service Design and delivery process to develop a workspace that directly addressed the actual needs of ACMA users.

Following an Agile process, we maintained heavy consultation with the ACMA, running sprints, regular standups and ceremonies with key stakeholders. As part of our engagement, we took a good look at their learnings from a previous discovery phase and identified key services of interest for codesign.

Decisions were informed through a co-design and research driven approach to ensure that there was a measurable impact at the completion of the project.

Interviewing reference groups and specialists, we learnt what needed to be considered on an organisational level. Then, after analysing the intranet’s structure and labelling of content (aka completing an IA audit), we focused on five important user tasks, validating their order of priority with the client.

We found that it was most important for users to be able to: view news and events, find a person or skill(s), learn more about their career, vacancies and development, find a policy or guide to help them do their job, and submit a request through the digital workspace. All reasonable services to deliver in an elegant and efficient way.

03.Solution design

Upgrading connections

We took the top five prioritised services and codesigned solutions to meet expressed user-needs.

We used an out-of-the-box product, LiveTiles Enterprise/Hub, and delivered a meaningful cross-section of services to satisfy their prioritised needs.

We completed a robust IA report to explore where data efficiencies could be made. Previously, the site had been organised by division and branch. During our engagement we discovered more meaningful ways to arrange content governance, revising taxonomy and grouping information by subject matter, service and user needs.

We structured and surfaced important information in a way that was engaging and effective. But most importantly, we restored trust in the structure of the site, rather than a reliance on support teams (alleviating the pressure on that lovely IT person that’s too happy to help).

04.Outcomes that matter to humans

Loud and clear

Refreshing the ACMA’s intranet restored trust in the resource and brought new life to documents that had long been unsurfaced.

Useful information became useful again, being readily available and accessible for the people that needed it most.

Now, employees could favourite frequently used documents, forms and quicklinks from their homepage, reducing the calls and clicks between questions and answers.

Findability improved exponentially, because search was now able to surface information through metadata and clever tagging capabilities. Documentation could be filtered and found by topic, tag, title and type, with extra information added to establish content creation date and expiry.

During our IA studies, our solution pulled an average success rate of 66%. So while these services may seem straightforward, they were now being delivered in a way that was metrically meaningful.

While a full discovery phase wasn’t part of this project, we had discovered some untapped capabilities within the Enterprise/Hub offering, inspiring changes at a product level for  LiveTiles, too.

By clearing internal communications for the ACMA, we helped make media management more efficient for the benefit of folks like us who engage with it every single day.

We listened to the users, and they spoke volumes for their business.