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Why evidence-based journey mapping is essential for great customer experiences

The digital experience is all the online interactions between you and your customers as they complete a task. Every task creates an experience and is your opportunity to delight your customers.

Creating a modern digital workspace using SharePoint for intranets

SharePoint intranets are a productivity tool, helping employees do their job. They must support post-pandemic ways of working to remain relevant.

Design tokens explained: a unified language that bridges design and code

In the world of digital design, collaboration between design and development is the secret sauce to creating cohesive and functional digital experiences.

Why you should consider moving to a headless CMS

Content is a vital component of digital transformation and with that comes an increased need for better content management (CMS). While traditional CMS' confines content creators to only deliver on the web, a headless CMS can deliver content on any channel.

Your composable DXP's success depends on your digital strategy

Your composable digital experience platform's (DXP) sole purpose is to deliver your organisation's unique customer experience. To successfully realise this goal, you need an intelligent, robust and flexible digital strategy.

Six steps to a successful content transformation

Content is the hardest part of a digital transformation. While we're enthusiastic about ditching old design, many stakeholders want to hang onto irrelevant content for grim death.